May 14, 2019

Windbreaks Management Plan As A Cook Guide For Replication


REC Caucasus, within the frame of “Agriculture Modernization, Market Access and Resilience (AMMAR)” project developed windbreaks development plan for 18 pilot sites, with total area of 20ha in vulnerable communities of Gori and Kareli municipalities in Georgia.

The management plans were designed for multiple-row windbreaks, that have several components: dense conifer trees to reduce wind velocity, tall broadleaf or conifer trees to extend the area of protection and low shrubs to trip snow, provide wildlife habitat and/or provide aesthetic value.

The AMMAR programs are available to provide cost-share funds for windbreak establishment and maintenance. Windbreaks development plans serve as a cook guide providing general information for designing a tree and shrub windbreak. Windbreaks development plan guide landowners how to develop site-specific tree planting plans.